Normally, a long patch of ice is something to be avoided. It's slippery and can result in bruised egos, to say nothing of bruised buttocks.

But trying telling that to this very excited dog. He takes to smashing the ice like, well, a human takes to popping bubble wrap. We're not sure if it's the din the ice makes as it breaks or the surprise of the ground shattering underneath him, but the whole experience gives this dog a case of the zoomies. He bolts into nearby non-icy woods for a "break" before dashing back over to the patch of ice near his human companion. A few more quick shatters (and a delicate tasting to see what this noisy stuff is made of) concludes the dog's ice-capade.

It's a fun experience, but it's a fleeting one. When this doggo saw that there was no more ice to smash, he returned to his old reliable friend: the stick.

This dog knows how to break the ice. Literally
This dog had such a good time smashing a trail of ice that he zoomed around the woods in joy.