It was just a game of wet and wild fetch before it almost went horribly awry.

A black dog chases after a stick thrown into a river, and it's not too big of a deal. The river's current is steady, but the water is shallow in many areas. The dog manages to grab the stick but then gets stuck in a crevasse and is unable to pull itself into a shallower section of the river. The dog gets caught up in the current, heading toward uncertain waters.

Luckily, the stick ends up being its partial salvation. The black dog's blond canine friend sees what's happening and is ready to help The blond dog grabs the stick and tugs on it, keeping the black dog from going any further down river. With the blond dog as an anchor, the black dog is able to scramble back onto the rocks, safe and sound.

It's an inspiring act of friendship and courage between two dogs — perhaps a sign that dogs aren't just man's best friend, they're looking out for each other, too.

Dog saves canine friend from river
A game of fetch goes awry, and it's up to one dog to save its friend from being swept down the river.