The drone of an Imperial TIE fighter in the "Star Wars" film franchise — a unique sound originally created by mixing the call of an elephant with cars driving on rain-soaked pavement — is one movie fans associate with impending danger.

Now, we can get a happier association, thanks to an excited reunion between a canine and her humans.

As Geraldine the beagle comes from the back the veterinarian's office and sees her owners, she begins to moan in a sound not unlike a TIE fighter. The similarity was too much to pass up, so her owners dubbed Geraldine's cries over actual footage from "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope."

We can all thank a beagle for making the Dark Side seem less intimidating.

Excited dog nails 'Star Wars' fighter noise
Geraldine makes sounds like a TIE Fighter from "Star Wars" as she leaves the vet's office.