Firefighters have a reputation for rescuing cats that get stuck in trees, but as the Bakersfield Fire Department in California proves, they also, occasionally, rescue animals from fires.

After getting a house fire under control on July 19, a firefighter stepped out with Jack, a small unresponsive dog. Placing him on the ground, the firefighter and one of his partners began to give the dog oxygen with a specialized animal oxygen mask, and within a few minutes — to everyone's relief — the dog was breathing on his own.

This oxygen mask is not standard issue on fire trucks, either. In 2016, the Bakersfield Girl Scouts raised enough money so that every truck would have an animal-friendly oxygen mask.

"Pets play a significant part in everyone's lives these days; now pets are family members and people will go through harm[']s way to protect their pets," Bakersfield Fire Department Battalion Chief John Frando told Bakersfield Eyewitness News.

Apart from a slight cough, Jack is breathing well after all the smoke he inhaled and he has some slight blistering on his paws, per the Bakersfield Veterinarian Hospital. He'll probably be home in time for the weekend. That's a relief for Jack's human companion, Jeff Garnett.

"He's going to be fine, we[']re going to be fine too, I couldn't be more grateful of appreciative for what they've [done]," Garnett told Eyewitness News.

Firefighters rescue small dog from house fire
Bakersfield firefighters pull an unresponsive pup from a fire and use a specialized animal oxygen mask to revive him.