Ecosystem are delicate things. The slightest change can throw everything off-kilter, and that can cause a fair amount of stress for the inhabitants. This is true for even small ecosystems, like aquariums.

Case in point, this frustrated fish, identified by Redditors as a cichlid. Its human companion presumably cleaned the tank and moved the rocks around, but the human didn't put the rocks back in the correct spot, and now the cichild must remove all the incorrect rocks from its tiny cave to restore the room's feng shui.

And it's not too surprising, either. Cichilds are known for their territorial nature, so any disruption of that is going to earn the humans the old stink eye. Indeed, the cichild stares down the observing human every time it spits out a rock, as if to say, "Look at what you did. Do you know how long this is going to take me to fix? You're the worst."

Maybe next time the human will ask for the proper way to rearrange the tank before just doing it.

Fish is displeased with rearranged rocks
This fish's aquarium was rearranged, and it is not happy with the rock feng shui.