Helping critters find their forever homes is the goal of all animal shelters, but sometimes they need a little help to get the word out. Holding an adoption event is a good option, but so is making a YouTube video that borrows from the best local car dealership commercials.

That's what FurKids, a chain of no-kill shelters based in Atlanta, just did. The video features an enthusiastic salesman hyping the wide selection of cats available at FurKids, including sleepy cats, hungry cats, cats with no tails and big cats. But, wait, there's more! Their 2016 cats are all self-cleaning! Some of them even give high fives! And if you don't like cats, there's a new thing called "dogs" you can take for a test drive.

The humans at FurKids get in on the action, too. There's a woman in a pink fleece pullover pretending to be one of those inflatable waving arm guys, and the salesman performs a riff on those famed ASPCA Sarah McLachlan ads at the end, with truly terrible lyrics — but on the bright side, this one won't make you cry.

The ASPCA estimates that 3.4 million kitties enter animal shelters each year, but only 1.3 million are adopted. Viral videos like this one are a good way to generate awareness of the work pet shelters do and to spur people to go visit their nearby shelters.

Funny cat adoption informercial borrows the best car salesman tactics
Atlanta-based FurKids has made an adorable cat adoption video inspired by infomercials and car ads.