"Am I doing it right George??" "Just keep at it, Lenny"

Before getting into the pool, it's important to practice, practice, practice. We humans do swimming lessons, life vests, floaties and all other kinds of techniques to make sure we're ready for the joys of swimming. Dogs often just jump right in and start their trademark dog paddle technique to stay above water.

Except this dog.

This very good dog wants to practice its dog paddle poolside before actually getting into the pool. So there it sits, back legs sort of splayed out and front paws just doing imaginary laps around the pool. Or maybe it's digging through the water for a buried bone. One or the other.

A second dog, one more comfortable in the water, jumps in and does actually begin to swim. But that doesn't throw off our practice swimmer. That dog just keeps on pawing at the water, comfortable in its own progress.

Good pup practices its dog paddle poolside
A very good dog is keen to practice dog paddling ... just not in the pool.