Few things say summer like watermelons. Sure, there are cookouts, pools and fireworks, but what goes with all of those things? Yes, watermelon!

Hank the pig, a miniature American potbelly who resides in New Orleans, wholeheartedly agrees. The video shows Hank getting into the spirit of summer by chowing down on some delicious watermelon. Hank's got watermelon juice all over his chiny-chin-chin, and when he bites off a good-sized chunk? Mmm, that's the good stuff!

(And before you even ask, yes, that's a tray under the watermelon. Hank likes to keep a clean yard. It's not like he was raised in a barn, OK?)

Hank the pig celebrates summer with a watermelon
Hank the pig loves celebrating the summer the same way we humans do, with watermelon!