We all like to be comfy when we watch our favorite shows. The right pillow, position and snacks are all important when it comes to enjoying TV, and this isn't just true of humans, either.

Heidi, a sweet-looking doggy, loves TV. She gets excited just upon seeing the start-up screen of her human companion's smart TV. There's not even a show on yet, but the promise of a show is all Heidi needs. But then she begins to whimper and darts away. You might be confused, but, remember, you like to settle in before watching TV, and Heidi is the same way.

She returns with her much-beloved doggy bed, and then it's time to Netflix and chill with "Planet Earth." (Solid binge-watching choice, Heidi.)

Heidi the dog loves 'Planet Earth'
Heidi gets very excited at the chance to watch TV. She evens gets her bed for maximum viewing comfort!