A friendly meow from your cat after you return home from a long day at work is a welcome sound. Even the pleading and prodding meow in the morning isn't entirely horrible. It's better than a bleating alarm clock.

But what if instead of "Meow!" your cat just said, "Hey!"? Well, somebody has been pondering that question, and this video gives you a sense of what it might be like.

The new greeting is a bit more aggressive, and there are new ramifications: You'll have to learn the inflections of your cat's "heys" to figure out what each one means. (And you just figured out that the 2-second meow that drops down a few notes at the end means, "No, I don't want you to move that blanket even though I'm not currently sitting on it." Life with cats is hard.)

Is a 'Hey!' worth more than a 'Meow!'?
What if cats just said "Hey" instead of "Meow" when they wanted your attention? Somebody had to answer this question.