Scrattie the dog probably thinks he's just going for a quick car ride. Maybe to the pet store for a new squeaky toy. His little toes are likely crossed that it isn't the vet. As he looks out the window, things start to click. "I know this street ... and I know this turn ... and that — IT'S THE DOG PARK! IT'S THE DOG PARK!"

Yes, as Oakland, Michigan's, Orion Oaks Dog Park sign comes into view, Scrattie begins to whimper in excitement before totally losing it. He's so pumped for a visit to the dog park that he's ready to help his owner steer the car into the parking space, when he's not happily licking his owner's face, that is.

We just hope that Scrattie didn't use up all his energy bouncing around the car before he even put one paw onto the grass.

How excited is Scrattie to go to the dog park? You have no idea
Scrattie is so excited to be at the dog park that he's helping his human drive.