This little guy wants to take his massive four-legged pal for a walk. So he says, "C'mon!" and starts to toddle away. But the monstrous pup is not having it. He's a well-trained pooch and the way things work on walks is you have to pick up the leash first.

So the little dude toddles quickly on back, picks up the leash, and off they go. The gentle giant Great Dane walks politely on the path with his buddy. He know that if he really wanted to, he could take off in a full gallop, trailing his young companion behind him like a kite.

But off they go for a nice, long walk... Oh, wait! There's something cool to pick up in the road! This stroll might take a while. Good thing that dog looks really patient.

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Huge dog lets tiny kid take him for a walk
A toddler goes for a walk with his very patient (and huge) Great Dane.