When humans jump up and down with excitement, it's usually a signal that we've won the lottery or the pizza guy's at the door. But have you ever seen a dog jump up and down with glee? Not the "Oh, my human's home, let me knock you down as you walk in the door" kind of glee. I'm talking about pure joy for what's about to happen — the "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" kind.

Buddy, the adorable dog in this video, has discovered there's a whole new world out there, a world where he doesn't have to wait around for his human to throw a ball or — more annoyingly — act like he's going to throw it 10 times before he actually does. No, that's not the life for this pup. He has his own personal around-the-clock fetch machine.

Watch as this cheerful dog hops up and down in anticipation as the machine winds up to throw the ball. He knows that just a few short moments after he places the ball in his GoDogGo ball thrower, he'll get to participate in his favorite pastime.

Wouldn't you jump for joy too?

Jumping pup gives a whole new meaning to joy
Buddy the dog has discovered he can play fetch all by himself.