We're often told to be humble in times of success, but sometimes it's important to celebrate your accomplishments, too.

Kirk, a border collie, is a great example of the joy we should take in victory, even if it is after the fact.

See this tenacious champion in the video above watching herself win the Small Dog Agility competition at the 2017 Incredible Dog Challenge Western Regionals.

Kirk can barely contain her emotion as she watches herself and her owner, Channon Fosty, go through the course with lightning speed. She even starts jumping while reliving some of the most exciting elements of the event. Named after Captain Kirk of "Star Trek" fame, she moves faster than Scotty could ever beam her up.

Maybe we should all live a little like Kirk, comfortable in taking a moment to revel in our well-deserved triumph.

Ben Bolton looks at everything through a video lens.

Kirk the border collie is here to show you how to enjoy your own accomplishments
Kirk the border collie joyously watches herself win a competition.