When you order something at a restaurant, it's not uncommon to feel a pang of buyer's remorse upon seeing your dining companion's plate. You may jokingly offer to trade — or you could just reach over the table and start eating off their plate.

But only a super-cute Labrador puppy and can get away with that kind of behavior. (Luckily, these nine puppies are very, very cute.)

They all start at their respective bowls, but things slowly descend into chaos. The black lab on the left starts the whole "sharing is caring" chain reaction by trying to sneak a bite from its neighbor to the right. That doesn't go very far, however, as that yellow lab just sort of nudges its friend away. But things escalate after that as the yellow lab at the nearest end finishes its bowl and decides that the black lab across the way is eating too slowly. Clearly, that's an invitation for the still-hungry yellow lab to climb over the food trough and start eating out of the black lab's bowl.

It pretty much becomes a feeding frenzy after that. No bowl is safe as the little dogs invade one another's dining space and check for scraps at abandoned bowls.

Sharing may be caring, but if no one gives permission, is it really sharing?

When Labrador puppies are involved, feeding time is a free-for-all
The pups start off at their own bowls but they very quickly start trying to steal bites from their neighbors' bowls.