This weekend marked the long May Day weekend in England, and Felix, an office cat from around the London Royal Docks, decided to wind it down by getting into a fight with another cat. However, the spat got a little out of control, and Felix took a spill into the Thames.

This could've been a real cat-astrophe, but a man identified by the Guardian only as a Royal Docks Management Authority employee saw Felix slip into the water and dashed to retrieve him. Luckily, Felix had crawled part-way up the side of the dock and the good human was able to grab Felix by the scruff and gently toss him back to dry land.

Apparently, neither one wanted to make a big deal out of the rescue. After a quick look back at Felix, the human retrieved a bag and walked off frame. Felix decided to sit quietly on the nearby stoop, recovering from his ordeal, perhaps contemplating whether this counts as one of his nine lives or not.

Quick-thinking man plucks cat out of canal
Felix, an office cat on the London Royal Docks, had a wet start to his day but was saved by a good human.