Dog show competitions are organized affairs, with arranged obstacles like hurdles and tunnels and ramps that all need to be competed in a certain order. Navigating all of this requires a calm dog and a calm human guide, to say nothing of lots and lots of training.

But if the dog isn't calm, it may work out anyway. Take Olly, a Jack Russell, who follows the advice of Fleetwood Mac, going his own way at the Crufts 2017 dog show in Birmingham, England.

Olly starts off the course poorly, knocking over a hurdle and taking a nose dive into the turf. Despite this hiccup, Olly is very enthusiastic about completing the course, running at full speed through the obstacles in whatever order works best for him. He's just living his dog show truth.

While this run likely didn't earn Olly high marks from the judges, he earns high marks from us for being himself and having a good time.

Olly the Jack Russell plays by his own rules
Olly the terrier was just so excited to be at the Crufts dog show.