Ninja, a Siberian husky, is tired. All he wants is a little nap, a chance to unwind after a long day of playing in Germany. Unluckily for this pure-bred pup, a fox has other ideas.

Leotie, a domesticated fox from Russia, would very much like to play with Ninja. It starts with a couple of face licks and then some nuzzles, but it quickly escalates into lunging hugs. Ninja seems slightly amenable at first, but after that, he looks like he'd rather return to his nap. Leotie hops around and climbs over Ninja, playfully biting his snout.

Ninja, for his part, doesn't let Leotie's antics get the best of him. He either gently pushes her away or simply lets Leotie have her fun. According to Ninja's owner, this video shows the husky's "best side" as he reacts in a "very calm and tender manner." Maybe it's the start of a beautiful friendship.

Patient husky tolerates frisky fox's playtime
Ninja, a Siberian husky chills during Leotie the fox's playful shenanigans.