When the going gets tough, the tough get going. The rest of us will be heading to the nearest ear flap.

This tiny puppy has had enough of the big scary world. There's too much bad news and trauma out there to cope with, and it has taken refuge in the one safe place it can think of: a bigger dog's ear.

The pup worms and squirms its way up the side of the lounging dog's head, apparently lacking the energy to even properly (and more easily) reach its intended destination. Once under the ear flap, the puppy settles down, soothed by the comfort and safety the flap provides.

For its part, the adult doggo seems completely nonplussed by its ear being used as a puppy sanctuary. Given its relative disengagement from the little puppy, one must wonder if the adult dog wouldn't mind climbing into the ear of another, larger animal itself. It'd be like a nesting chain of ear-based comforting.

In fact, the whole idea of that image is making me feel better already.

Some days, you just need an ear blanket
A puppy decides it would rather be in another dog's ear than deal with the outside world.