Who knew the typing exercise of "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" would be turned into a documentary? But here we are.

This tiny fennec fox actually hops over this Shiba Inu only once. Its true goal is to actually mount the dog, but what is the plan after that? Become the Lone Ranger Fox with the Shiba as its Silver? Are they going to engage in a canids-only jousting match with a jackal and wolf cub duo across the street?

All that seems unlikely, however, especially since we know that jackals only joust with raccoon dog cubs. No, given how incredibly patient the Shiba is during this process, it seems safe to assume that the two are actually planning some sort of heist. Perhaps there's something on the top shelf that they both want — delicious meat treats, maybe? — but they have to work together to reach it.

Regardless of their intended endeavor, be it jousting or treat-stealing, we suspect this pair will be successful in whatever they set out to do.

This quick brown fox actually does jump over the lazy dog
A fennec fox would like nothing more than for this Shiba Inu to be its steed.