There's an old saying: Give a dog a fish, and you've fed it for the day. Teach a dog to tear up some bread, sprinkle it in the water, and then stand very still around those soggy pieces of bread, and you feed the dog for a lifetime.

This is a lesson that someone told Rani, a golden retriever. She's a patient fisherwoman, barely acknowledging when a fish quickly gobbles down a nearby piece of bread. Even the turn of her head to keep an eye on the fish's progress is a slow, lazy movement. But when the fish is close enough, all illusion of slowness disappears, and Rani snaps up her prey with amazing speed.

Satisfied with her catch, Rani doesn't gallop out of the lake with splashes; instead, she takes a slow, dignified trot to the shore. (No need to alert those other fishes to her strategy.)

Rani the dog always gets her fish
Rani the golden retriever is a patient and cunning fisher, waiting until just the right moment to scoop up a fish.