What do you get when you combine adorable puppies and doggies in an improv show? A whole lot of laughs and a good bit of chaos.

Dad's Garage is an improv theater in Atlanta that recently hosted its annual PuppyProv, a night of improv shows that incorporates adoptable local rescue dogs into the skits. From a group of 5-month-old puppies to an energetic 3-year-old greyhound mix, these adorable pups were the real stars of the show.

The theater partnered with Angels Among Us, a nonprofit organization that rescues dogs and cats from high-kill shelters and places them in foster homes until a permanent home can be found.

"They stay with a foster for about two weeks, just for us to get to know the dog and their personality, which helps us place them into the right home," Karen Bates, an Angels Among Us volunteer, told MNN. "So, we know. We train them a little bit. We know a lot about them so we can really make the right fit for the dog and the new family."

But PuppyProv isn't just about getting the dogs adopted. It also helps spread the word about Angels Among Us for those who are interested in fostering. In addition, a portion of the ticket sales from the event goes to the organization.

To help those in the audience who were interested in adopting a dog, the actors read a brief description about each dog's breed, personality, likes and dislikes. But after that, the real fun kicked in. The actors not only had to improvise on the spot, but they had to do it while trying to hold a dog, which proved to be hilarious with some particularly squirmy pooches. (You just never know when a dog will go rogue!)

"When you add live dogs into the mix, it sort of adds a whole new level of insanity to the show. Where you don't know where your scene partner is going to walk or what they're going to say or if they're going to pee on the stage," said Ed Morgan, Dad's Garage associate artistic director. "So yeah it's the whole extra level of danger to an improv show that is so fun even if it's complete nonsense."

Luckily, there were no "accidents" on stage, but even if there had been, the audience probably wouldn't have minded. Morgan said it best, "Nobody's looking at us. They're looking at these tiny puppies."

And everybody knows tiny puppies can do no wrong.

Rescue dogs take center stage at improv theater in hopes of finding their forever home
Dad's Garage annual PuppyProv features foster dogs in their improv skits while encouraging the audience to adopt them.