We all know cats love to relax. They're notorious for their long naps and contorted-but-somehow-apparently-comfortable sleeping positions. But no cat embodies chill feline vibes more than Istanbul's Tombili.

Tombili gained internet stardom after a picture of the cat sitting in the most relaxed pose possible on the street went viral — and that's no small feat considering the sheer number of felines that inhabit Turkey, some 125,000, according to the video.

Sadly, Tombili died in August, but this impressive feline will not be forgotten. The Anatolian Cat Project launched a petition to have a statue of Tombili made and placed at the iconic hangout spot.

On World Animal Day, the statue created by Seval Şahin was officially unveiled for all those to visit and to remember Tombili's implied message: Relax, and enjoy the day.

Statue of Turkish cat stands as a reminder to all of us: Just chill
Istanbul's Tombili was one laid back cat, and her relaxed approach to life has been commemorated with a bronze statue.