When you're a 3-year-old Lab, you're going to have a lot of energy. When you're a 3-year-old Lab with a lot of energy and live in a house with a big yard, you are going to run and play and dive into leaves. This is exactly what Stella loves to do. There isn't a pile of leaves that isn't worth exploring, there's not a muddle puddle that isn't worth rolling around in, and there isn't a tennis ball not worth chasing.

But Stella also enjoys keeping things low key. Whether it's helping out with a human's bath time or just sitting with a shower curtain on her head, Stella knows how to relax. And her favorite way to relax? All stretched out. Stella likes to dash into her favored relaxed pose, just dropping her hind legs before the rest of her collapses as well. Even getting into a comfy spot means having a good time for Stella.

Stella the dog is living her best life
The 3-year-old yellow Lab loves playing, frolicking and also running into a good stretch.