Sometimes a little roughhousing is just what you need to blow off steam, and that's exactly what Muchi the cat has in mind.

It starts off with a little bite on the leg of her dog companion, Tundra, but then Muchi goes in for the ... licks? Light nibbles? It looks like Muchi isn't too sure of her attack strategy until she decides on a stronger, but still playful, bite to the other side of Tundra's neck. When that doesn't work, she drops down and Tundra gives her a little pat on the head for the effort. Muchi, however, is not to be placated and tries one last siege.

Adding a nice layer to the video is the news report on the TV. While the anchor is reporting on an unspecified negotiation in New York City, he mentions truces and not backing down in a way that mirrors the actions of Tundra and Muchi. (Even cute pet videos can be multi-layered stories, it seems.)

Stoic dog unimpressed with cat's assault
Tundra the dog withstands a friendly attack from Muchi the cat.