The American Kennel Club describes German shepherds' personality as "confident, courageous and steady." But it appears that some things are too much even for such brave dogs. Like water sprinklers.

Luckily for this particular German shepherd, a very good human toddler is around to show the dog that there's nothing to fear from this jet of water.

The child points to the sprinkler, as if to indicate it's perfectly safe. The kid even runs a hand through the stream, as if to say, "Hey, it's just water! It's fine! It doesn't hurt at all!"

Seemingly convinced after the second demonstration, the German shepherd gives the toddler a quick lick of thanks and then starts biting at the sprinkler, clearly having a good old time.

The two may not speak the same language, but they communicated just the same — and that's pretty special.

Toddler helps German shepherd overcome fear of sprinklers
This German shepherd was wary of the water sprinkler until a considerate toddler showed him there was nothing to fear.