If your cat is anything like mine, it tires of toys quickly. The little mouse my kitty once loved just gets pawed under the sofa so she doesn't have to play with it ever again. Even boxes I leave out for her go unappreciated after a day or two. Clearly, the solution is to simply fill my apartment with boxes.

At least that's the takeaway from this adorable video in which Chris Poole makes a cardboard box maze for his feline companions Marmalade (the orange-and-white kitty) and Cole (the black kitty). After moving most of the furniture from the room, Poole constructs 50 boxes and cuts cat-friendly holes into them so that Cole and Marmalade will have room to crawl through the maze.

Cats being cats, Cole and Marmalade initially avoid shimmying through the holes in favor of jumping from box to box. (It's like that old saying: When you make a plan, cats laugh.) Eventually, Marmalade figures out what the holes near the floor are for and starts navigating the maze the way it was intended. (Perhaps the treats helped Marmalade come to this realization?)

Regardless of how they get through the maze, both Cole and Marmalade are very cute, and they seem to be enjoying their new environment. I just hope they continue to enjoy it for many months to come, otherwise Poole just has a living room filled with boxes with holes in them.

Watch 2 lucky cats explore a maze of 50 cardboard boxes
Cats Cole and Marmalade enjoy their maze of 50 cardboard boxes.