Somehow, a newborn kitten found itself stranded in the middle of a Bangkok highway. Between the heavy flow of traffic and the rain, it was a less-than-ideal situation for such a tiny and scared creature.

Motorists did what they could to avoid hitting the kitten, but no one seemed willing to do anything to actually help the tiny little feline. That was until a biker bravely pulled over and stopped traffic.

After seeing a car drive over — but not on — the cat, the biker encouraged another motorcyclist to halt and then motioned for the car to go in reverse just a little bit. The good Samaritan biker scooped up the terrified kitten from underneath the car.

The biker then placed the kitten on their console, between the handlebars, and with a quick and hopefully reassuring pat on the head, the biker headed back onto the road. No doubt the experience of riding on a motorcycle console isn't exactly a great one for a tiny cat, but at least the promise of safety was on the horizon.

Tiny kitten keeps all 9 lives, thanks to biker on busy highway
Brave motorcyclist wades into the busy and wet traffic to scoop up a kitten trapped on the highway.