It's another blossoming inter-species friendship that might be too cute to handle!

Here we have Meg, a yellow Lab, and a very small, wild baby bunny dubbed Little John Stamos. Both critters seem keen to make friends with each other, though the soft whimpers from Meg indicate a concern of some kind. That doesn't stop Little John Stamos, however, who is quick to hop as close as possible to the dog. Meg's not initially keen on this, but she gets over her cautiousness and starts nudging Little John Stamos through the yard, following around the tiny bunny. The two then seal their bond of friendship with an adorable nose-to-nose sniff.

If only humans could make friends this easy.

Watch a dog and a wild baby bunny become fast friends
A yellow lab meets a tiny, wild baby bunny — and the results are simply too cute for words.