Cat food isn't terrible inviting. Dry kibble or a wet food from a tin can. Sure, maybe your feline friend is a fancy feaster, but maybe they'd enjoy a home cooked meal every once in a while? Something special, you know?

Well, Japanese chef and YouTube personality Jun Yoshizuki is here to help. And all you need is sea bream, chicken breast, sashimi tuna, broad beans, Japanese mustard spinach, bonito broth and corn starch water. And really good knives. (Oh, and really good knife skills to to go with those knives.)

Yoshizuki begins by preparing the meats, chopping them up into easy and quick-to-cook bits and setting them aside. He then boils down some bonito flakes to get a broth. After prepping the beans, he steams the sea bream, chicken, beans and greens. The meat is then diced up into almost a paste and formed into balls, while the greens are similarly turned into paste, presumably to mimic the look of wasabi.

The sushi is then prepared. The tuna is formed into an easily sliceable square, and cleverly, Yoshizuki uses the chicken and sea beam as the "rice" base for the sashimi. A quick brush of broth and the sushi is ready for its big reveal against a bit of canned food. (It's not a contest.)

Apart from the great-looking food and skills on display, that most amazing thing about the video is how restrained the cats appear to be in the video. They're certainly curious as Yoshizuki preps the food, but they're not trying to snag a nibble before it's time. Well, one time, before the reveal, but it's done! The cat should get to enjoy the fruits of its human companion's labor.

Yoshizuki's cooking YouTube channel has a small collection of videos for human-friendly dishes, including an excellent (and adorable) one for making omurice, a popular Japanese dish of ketchup- or tomato-flavored rice topped with an omelette. Yoshizuki uses a demi-glace for his, but he's clearly got the skills and time needed to make a demi-glace. Me, I'd just spoon in some ketchup; it'll still taste pretty good.

Watch this chef whip up some 'sushi' for cats
Jun Yoshizuki only wants the best for his cats, and that's why he makes them cat-friendly 'sushi'