Forget the expensive toys. And throw out that ratty old tennis ball that's been in your closet since 1998 while you're at it. All you need to entertain shar-pei puppies is half a lemon.

However, the allure of the citrus bitterness proves too much for these little pups to handle. They roll and scamper around the fruit before finally pouncing forward for a quick sniff and maybe a lick. But they all want the lemon, so polite skirmishes break out between them over who gets to be the closest to the fruit. This adorable display is sure to cheer up even the most stubborn of sourpusses.

When life tosses you a lemon, be like these shar-pei puppies and play with it
Watch these sweet shar-pei puppies play with, pounce on and lick half of a lemon.