Labradors are known for their voracious appetites. Not only will they eat just about anything, but they'll do so in no time flat. Such was the case in this eating "competition" between a Lab and a beerhound in which the Labrador is halfway through its bowl before the beerhound has even taken a second bite.

If you've ever wondered why Labradors are basically just walking food vacuums, wonder no more. A study published in Cell Metabolism collected genetic data from 310 Labs and discovered that many of them were missing at least part, if not all, of a gene called POMC. This gene regulates appetite in a number of animals, including humans, and it helps animals realize when they've had enough to eat. So the next time your Labrador scarfs down the Christmas ham before you've carved into it — why did you leave it on the kitchen counter, anyway? — don't be too angry with her. She was just born hungry.

Who's the fastest eater of them all?
Really, there's no contest. When it comes to eating, Labradors have the most voracious appetites and now there's a study to prove it.