What dog doesn't love a walk? It's a chance to explore and to check out new (and old) smells, to say nothing of the biological imperatives the walk is good for.

Few dogs, however, can possibly be as excited for their walks as Ziggy is.

A Staffordshire bull terrier, Ziggy starts off the video sitting calmly, but at the first mention of a "walkie," he's up on his owner's lap, excited by the prospect. However, Ziggy's human companion reminds him that they need a few things first: Ziggy's leash, coat and collar. Upon command, Ziggy retrieves each of the items with barely contained excitement — he even drops his coat in the hallway and has to go back to pick it up — and in return gets a "Good dog" back scratch, the best of all the scratches.

We hope Ziggy's walk was just as fun as the gathering all his accoutrements was for us.

Ziggy the dog is sooo ready for his walk
Ziggy, a Staffordshire bull terrier, collects his leash, his coat and his collar with ever-mounting excitement.