Tis the season for wrappings and trappings, trees and tinsel, candles and candy canes.  All of it beautiful to look at, and even lovelier to grab onto - particularly if you're a toddler!  If you have a little one in your home for the holidays this year, keep in mind that all of your holiday bling will be extra enticing to a kid that loves to crawl, climb, and explore.  But that doesn't mean you need to pack up the tree and put away the menorah.  You just need to take a few simple precautions to ensure that your seasonal goodies don't become a holiday hazard.  

Here's how to keep babies and toddlers safe this holiday season.

Holiday trees.  Got a kid that loves to climb?  That Christmas tree will be a prime target.  Secure it to a wall using a fish hook and twine or block it off with safety gates.  Be sure to sweep regularly to pick up any needles or ornament hooks that may fall on the floor.  

Ornaments. If you have a little one prone to mischief, make sure to keep your breakable - and bitable - ornaments up high and way out of reach.  And do yourself a favor and skip the tinsel this year.

Candles.  If you are lighting candles this holiday season - whether for ambience or for the menorah - make sure they are out of reach of little fingers.  

Table decor. Hold off on the table cloth until that toddler gets a little bit older.  Table cloths usually hang at the perfect height for yanking, which could make for a disastrous mid-meal interruption!

Plants.  Despite what you may heave heard, poinsettias are not toxic.  But holly and mistletoe are.  Regardless of the type, keep all plants out of toddler range.

Gifts.  Ah yes, everyone's favorite part - loading baby up with piles of presents when all she really wants to do is eat the packing peanuts in the box.  When unwrapping presents, be sure to discard the trimmings quickly - particularly those packing peanuts as well as the innumerable twist ties, staples, and plastic sleeves that now envelop every kids toy.  

On the road.  Traveling for the holidays?  Don't expect your host - or your hotel - to be baby-proofed in advance.  If possible, save your sanity and bring along some electrical outlet covers, a foldable baby gate, corner covers, and maybe even some cabinet locks so that you can at least secure one or two rooms for baby to roam free.  Of course, ask your hosts before you start remodeling their home!  

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