Karen Klein became the unexpected face of the anti-bullying movement over the summer when videos were released of the 68-year-old enduring relentless taunts from middle-schoolers that brought the grandmother-of-eight to tears.  After the videos went viral, a campaign was started to send Klein on a vacation, and within weeks, Klein was inundated with more than $700,000 in donations.  Now, the bus monitor turned celebrity is paying it forward, announcing that she’ll use some of those donations to fund an anti-bullying foundation.


Klein herself expects to play an active role in her new foundation, the Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation.  She will kick-off the campaign with a "No Bully Tour" road trip that begins in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on Oct. 5th and travels across several states offering a free concert and anti-bullying info for youth organizations, grade schools and camps.


And Klein won't be alone as she spreads her anti-bullying message.  Miss Teen USA, Logan West of Connecticut, who was also victim of bullying at a young age, will join the bullied bus monitor on her tour.


Here's a recap of Klein's story and her TODAY show interview where she talks about wanting to stop bullying:



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Bullied bus monitor aims to stop bullying
Karen Klein, the bullied bus monitor from Greece, NY uses donations to launch anti-bullying foundation.