Want to take a stand against bullying?

DoSomething.org has created a choose-your-own adventure game for your smartphone that hopes to get the message out about the best ways to stop bulllying.

The game, called the Bully Text, gives players scenarios throughout a typical school day. Players encounter bullying, either as the victim, the bully or a bystander. Your challenge is to make the right moves to end bullying.  How you respond to each scenario will affect how your character moves through the game.  You'll either stomp out bullying and win or get tips on better choices you could have made in each situation.  Each time you make a move you'll get a new text with the next scenario.  So beware: those text messages can add up on your smartphone plan.  

What's interesting is that the scenarios aren't as cut and dried as you might expect.  For instance, in one scenario, you find yourself at your locker at school when you suddenly get a text message.  The message shares some unkind details about the weekend partying of a girl in your class.  Just as you're reading the text, a friend come up to say 'hi.'  Do you show her the text (and perpetuate the gossip?) or quickly delete it (and raise your friend's curiosity about what you were reading?)  

Well, what would you do?  The key is to figure out which move will stomp out bullying.  And it's as nuanced on the game as it is in real life.

Check out the Bully Text at DoSomething.org.  

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