Attention Chicago residents and visitors, the Windy City was named the 2012 bed bug capital of the nation by pest control company, Orkin. Chicago ousted Cincinnati to earn the top spot last year, a title that no city wants to hold. Cincinnati residents can’t exactly breathe a sigh of relief, the city still ranks fifth in Orkin’s list of cities that needed the most bed bug treatments in 2012.

Chicago residents aren’t just plagued by bed bugs, the city was also tops in treatments for ants, rodents and spiders, earning the city the number one spot on Orkin’s list of pest treatments by city.  If you’re not a fan of creepy crawlers, then Chicago may not be the city for you.

Top 10 pest treatment cities:

  1. Chicago
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Atlanta
  4. Miami/Fort Lauderdale
  5. Washington, D.C.
  6. New York
  7. Detroit
  8. Houston
  9. Raleigh/Durham/Fayetteville
  10. Dallas/Ft. Worth
Atlanta was the home of the most mosquito pest control calls and Washington, D.C., residents were tops with ticks. Los Angeles was the home of the most pest control calls for both cockroaches and termites.  If Orkin did a survey of scorpion pest control calls, though, it would probably be safe to say that my metro area, Phoenix, would come out on top.
Chicago is the bug capital of the nation, yuck!
The Windy City tops Orkin's survey of the most bug-infested cities in the nation.