With summer in full swing, tweens and teens are spending more time in front of their screens — connecting with friends and commiserating about how "bored" they are. But just like we learned in yesterday's post about tweens and sexting, sometimes all of that extra time connecting with friends can get them into trouble.

Cyberbullying is certainly a problem during the school year when cliques are tight and kids have to face their tormentors every day, but it's also a huge problem in the summer months when kids spend more time online, often unsupervised. They also lose access to resources such as teachers and guidance counselors who might be able to nip a situation in the bud before it gets out of hand.

So parents, it's up to you to stay in touch with what your kids are doing online this summer and make sure that cyberbullying does not become an issue. This infographic has loads of great information about cyberbullying and how to stop it. It can help you get the conversation started with your kids, and once it's started you can keep it rolling by asking questions about things they have posted and texts they have sent or received.

Do you have any more tips on preventing cyberbullying? We would love to hear them in the comments below!

What is Cyberbullying Infographic: Cyberbullying Definition & Statistics

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