I hate to be a Halloween party pooper. I mean, I like a good scare as much as the next gal, but I do prefer that those scares come in the form of spooky costumes and creepy decorations — not makeup that could harm my children's health.


A Michigan environmental group called the Ecology Center recently tested 31 types of novelty makeup purchased at big box and temporary Halloween stores. According to the study, more than half contained cadmium. You remember cadmium, right? It's that nasty metal that many overseas manufacturers starting using in place of lead in kids' products like cheap jewelry and novelty items. Only health officials found that it's just as unsafe as lead for kids. When ingested, cadmium has been linked to lung, bone and kidney damage in people.  


How toxic is it when applied to the human skin? Nobody knows because the studies aren't out there. But I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's not great for your health or your kids' health. And I'm also gonna guess that at least part of those lion lips or the clown face will be ingested over the course of your Halloween evening. So why take the chance with something potentially toxic?  


There are lots of great recipes on the Web for natural or eco-friendly Halloween makeup that will look just as good as the stuff on the shelf, only it costs half as much and isn't harmful to your health. Most use ingredients that you already have at home like corn syrup, flour and cornstarch.


So go on, slather on that Halloween makeup. Just make sure that the scares are in the makeup design — not the product.

Halloween makeup may be hazardous to your health
New research uncovers heavy metal cadmium in many varieties of Halloween novelty makeup.