After that long, brutal winter we just experienced, it's tempting to welcome the summer sun with open arms. But don't forget to use caution when soaking up those rays, particularly when it comes to your kids.

A child's delicate skin is much more vulnerable to the sun's rays than an adult's skin. That's why kids are so much more likely than their parents to burn after a day in the sun. And those sunburns can add up to major health problems down the road.

According to the Environmental Working Group's new Sun Safety Campaign, a few bad sunburns in childhood can double a person's lifetime chances of developing serious forms of skin cancer. The EWG has released some great tips as part of a campaign to remind parents about the importance of sun protection for everyone.

Here's how to keep your kids safe from the summer sun:

Cover up. Hands down the best way to protect your kids from the sun, aside from keeping them indoors, is to cover them up with lightweight clothing, hats and sunglasses.

Make shade. When possible, find a shady spot where your kids can play outdoors, or make your own shade with a stroller canopy, umbrella or beach tent.

Apply sunscreen liberally. Don't be shy with that sunscreen! Slop it on and reapply regularly.

Set a good example. If you want your kids to see that tans are not healthy, don't go sporting one yourself. Even if you "never get sunburned," your child might when he or she tries to emulate you. So slop that sunscreen on yourself, too. Stay in the shade as often as possible, and don't even think of stepping in that tanning booth.

How to keep kids safe from the sun
These sun safety tips from the Environmental Working Group will keep your whole family smiling and sunburn-free this summer.