It's never too soon to start thinking about safety, especially when it comes to Halloween, a holiday known for its fearsome frights and heart-pounding scares. But it's all in good fun — or at least it should be — as long as everyone keeps some simple safety tips in mind. Here's how to keep your Halloween safe and fun for everyone:


Costumes: It seems like a no-brainer, but in all of the hubbub of picking or making a child's costume, it's easy to forget that it needs to be easy for your child to wear and walk in, and it needs to be visible when the sun goes down on Halloween night. Hem pants or skirts to prevent tripping. Add reflective tape to cuffs, hats, skirts and treat sacks to make kids visible to motorists. Top it off with a flashlight, clip light, or glowstick to make sure your kids can see and be seen while trick-or-treating.


Road safety: Yes, it's tempting to dash back and forth across the street when hitting houses for trick-or-treating. But it's also a good way to up your kids' chances of getting hit by a car. Teach your kids to cross only at crosswalks and to be extra vigilant about looking both ways before crossing.  


Find friends: Make sure your child does not go trick-or-treating alone. Young kids obviously need an adult along to keep things safe, but even if your child is old enough to go without you, make sure he has a buddy or a group of friends to tag along with. 


Check the goods: It's another no-brainer and one we've been hearing for decades: check your child's candy before you let them eat it. 


At the house: For those staying home to hand out the holiday candy, make sure your house is safe for trick-or-treaters by removing obstacles from the lawn or steps that could trip kids up. And keep candles or lighted jack-o'-lanterns away from the landing or doorstep where kids might brush across the flame.  


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