Although no illnesses have been reported yet, the FDA reports that Trader Joe’s, Target, Giant Eagle and Tryst are recalling “approximately 14,860 pounds of hummus and dip products due to concerns about possible Listeria monocytogenes, an organism that can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems.”

If you have recently purchased hummus or products including hummus (like wraps), tapenade, roasted red peppers or dips from those stores, you should check the FDA list of recalled products to see if your product has been recalled.

With the recall happening so close to Memorial Day weekend — when the BBQ and picnic season kicks into full gear — is a reminder that the manufacturing factory isn’t the only place food safety can be compromised. Foods can be become contaminated if they aren’t handled properly once they come into your home, especially if they sit out too long and harmful bacteria is allowed to grow.

No one wants food poisoning on a holiday weekend (or ever, really). If you need a quick review of how to handle foods properly, you’ll want to revisit these food safety articles.

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Stay safe this holiday weekend!

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Hummus recall is a reminder to think about food safety this Memorial Day weekend
With BBQ and picnic season kicking into full gear this weekend, it's time to review food safety in general.