I recently received this infographic via email from company called uKnowKids that prides itself in having a wealth of information on keeping kids safe. I have to admit that a few of these numbers stopped me dead in my tracks.  These were a few of the more startling stats:


  • 48% of teens have received a sexually suggestive message.

48%. Holy macaroni!  

  • 39% of teens have sent a sext (texting sexually explicit messages or photos)

Again, this number really shocked me.

  • 11% of young teenage girls ages 13 to 16 have sexted nude or semi nude photos or themselves. 

Shouldn't this number be ZERO?

  • 17% of the sexting recipients say that they have passed the images along to someone else.

This number should be passed on to the young teenage girls mentioned above.

Take a look at the complete infographic and let me know what you think:


Source: uKnowKids

Infographic: The truth about teens and sexting
Child safety company uKnowKids shares this insightful infographic that sheds light on the teen sexting epidemic.