Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani girl who stood up to the Taliban, narrowly lost the Nobel Peace Prize, and has just written a book, is just one of the most visible of the girls and young women around the globe who are advocating for better lives for themselves. A number of groups and organizations are working with the women of the future to create better outcomes for them (which, studies have shown, means healthier, better-educated people in those women's societies), in new ways that haven't been tried before.

One such organization is the Girl Effect, which created the video below, based on its manifesto to empower girls with the goal of reducing poverty. It's a positive message and an exciting time as young women are being taught self-esteem, how to stand up for themselves, and told that they matter — which is significant for the many women who live in countries which routinely overtly and covertly devalue women's lives. We will, no doubt, see some of these girls grow up to be powerful women leaders.  

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Malala isn't the only one: The new Girl Moment is happening now (video)
A new generation of girls and young women are ready to change the world.