Before you press play, let me warn you that this video is hard to watch. Any time you see a child in danger, it's difficult to take a deep breath until you know they are okay. That's part of what makes this video so disturbing: It takes several minutes before you do know the toddler has, by some miracle, escaped serious injury. And that's exactly why his mom shared it, because she knew such a frightening video could make a real impact on parents and remind them to take extra precautions at home to avoid potential tragedies.

The nanny cam video shows the moment when twin toddlers, Bowdy and Brock, start climbing their dresser only to have it collapse down on top of them. One of the boys, Brock, gets pinned underneath the dresser, while Bowdy is able to free himself quickly. After what feels like an eternity — but is really only two minutes — Bowdy figures out how to lift and slide the dresser to free his twin.

Kayli Shoff, Bowdy and Brock's mom, recently shared this video on YouTube after much hesitation. Shoff knew she would catch a lot of grief from internet trolls who love to shame parents when their kids get hurt. But she also knew that by sharing the video, she could spread awareness to other families about the need to secure heavy furnishings to the wall.

Last year, furniture manufacturer IKEA voluntarily recalled 29 million dressers and chests from its MALM line after at least six young children were reportedly killed when the furniture fell over on them. The IKEA recall was a good reminder to parents that along with securing windows and moving breakables to higher shelves, affixing heavy furniture, like dressers and TVs to walls, should be an integral part of childproofing in the home.

Anyone who has been around kids knows how much they love to explore. Exploration is a good thing. But it can lead to tragedy when precautions aren't in place. Big thanks to Shoff for the reminder.

Mom's scary nanny-cam video is an important safety reminder to all parents
It's hard to watch this 2-year-old boy get pinned underneath a fallen dresser, but you should. And thankfully, he's OK.