How confident are you that your child's car seat is installed correctly?  It might surprise you to know that a whopping 73 percent of car seats are not used or installed correctly.  This, according to a new infographic released by 21st Century Auto Insurance.  

Many parents spend hours researching and agonizing over finding the safest car seat for their child.  But a car seat is only as safe is its installation.  Properly installed car seats saved the lives of 303 children under the age of four in 2010.  So it's worth taking a few minutes to ensure that your child's seat is installed correctly.

Check out this infographic for tips and then head over to one of the free car seat inspections sponsored by your local emergency management staff or by Safe Kids - a national coalition of organizations dedicated to preventing unintentional childhood injuries.  

Safety check: Is your child's car seat installed correctly?
Over 300 hundred children were saved in 2010 thanks to properly installed car seats. Here's how to make sure yours is up to the task.