I knew we were in trouble this summer when the last week of May brought temps that soared close to the 100s and the first week of June brought the humidity to go with it. So I caved and bought a small backyard pool that will hopefully cool things down a bit as the temperatures continue to rise.

The pool is 8 foot in diameter and 2 feet deep — really just a glorified kiddie pool. But I realized as I was setting it up that I would still need to be extra vigilant this summer to make sure that my girls stay safe as they're splishing and splashing those hot days away. Here are some of the most useful tips I found for keep little swimmers safe in the pool this summer:

  • Keep a close eye on young kids when they are swimming and/or when they are in the pool area. Keep a phone handy in case you need to call for help.
  • Secure your pool area so that a child cannot wander in without supervision. Store exterior ladders away from pools so that kids can't get in on their own and if possible, fence in the area around the pool.
  • If possible, enroll your child in swimming lessons. Kids should know how to tread water, float and grab the side of the pool. But don't assume that just because a kid knows how to swim that she is safe in the water. Accidents can happen at any time.
  • Remove any toys, floaties, boogie boards and pool noodles from the pool when it's not in use. This will prevent kids from trying to reach in to grab their favorite doll.
  • Check out your local regulations or ordinances on pool safety and make sure your pool is up to snuff. Remember, it's not just your kids you are protecting, but other kids in the neighborhood as well.
Safety tips for young swimmers
How to safely splish and splash and have fun swimming this summer.