Ok, I may need some help wrapping my head around this one...


Sixty seniors from Michigan's Kenowa Hills High School decided to pull a prank on their school principal and administration by biking to school.  Awesome, right?  Rather than the typical "tee-pee" the gymnasium stuff, this "prank," was creative, healthy, eco-friendly, non-destructive, and well-organized.  They even contacted the police department and arranged for a police escort to the school to keep it safe.  And mayor even came along and brought the kids donuts.


So what did they get for their trouble?  An award?  A pat on the back?  A high-five?


Nope, they got suspended.


Kenowa Hills principal Katie Pennington sent the seniors out of school for their last day and threatened to keep them from walking in graduation ceremonies set for May 30.  "...Get your butts home. You're not participating in senior walk today," she reportedly told them.  One student captured her tirade on a cell phone video as she told students, "If you and your parents don't have sense enough to know your brains could end up splattered on Three Mile and Kinney, Fruit Ridge, then maybe that's my responsibility."


School officials later issued a formal apology from Pennington and have backed off on the threat of keeping the seniors involved from walking in graduation next week.  This after parents and students packed a school board meeting to express their outrage over Pennington's reaction.


Actually, I can't help but feel a little sorry for Pennington.  The media attention and community wrath that she brought down on herself is probably disproportionate to the actual crime here.  But isn't it a sad state of affairs when a bunch of kids biking to school would be seen as a bad thing?  Or even a prank?


Kudos to the seniors of Kenowa Hills that participated in this "prank."  I'm sure it will be one senior day that no one will ever forget!


Check out this video for more details:


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Seniors suspended for biking to school
Kenowa Hills students' senior day "prank" lands them in the hot seat with the principal over biking to school.