Just when you thought it was safe to go to the movies...

Theater goers in Hong Kong recently got the scare of a lifetime and it had nothing to do with the movie they went to see.  In this YouTube video, we watch as the unsuspecting audience members take their seats in anticipation of their movie.  When the lights dim, they see what they assume will be just another commercial or movie trailer. On the screen they watch a first person point-of-view scene of a person driving.  But after a few seconds, all of the cell-phone carrying members of the audience receive a location-based text.  And when they look down at their phones to see who is texting, they are reminded just why it is so important not to take your eyes away from the road while driving.

The video, entitled 'Eyes on the Road,' is quickly going viral on YouTube.  Was the audience in on the Volkswagon PR stunt?  It's entirely possible.  But either way, the video serves as an excellent reminder to the rest of us not to text and drive.

Take a look and see what you think.  

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