If you caught the news yesterday about the U.S. surgeon general warning Americans to take sun protection more seriously, you may be looking for ways to have fun in the sun without overdoing your sun exposure. This new bracelet from French design company Netatmo might just be the answer.

Netatmo's June bracelet may look fashionable, with a bling of crystal in the center (you can choose between platinum, gold, and gunmetal.) But you won't find this bracelet at your traditional jewelry store.Instead, you are more likely to find it in the Apple store or anywhere else you find Bluetooth connected gadgets. The June bracelet connects with your iPhone or iPad to monitor your sun exposure throughout the day.  It will even send you alerts when it is time to put sunscreen on or get out of the sun.

Cool, right? The biggest drawbacks to the bracelet are that it's only available in a woman's style right now (and even that is a little too blingy for me) and it also requires you to constantly check alerts and notices on your smartphone or iPad. The bracelet itself is just a "recorder;" it doesn't give you any info about sun exposure. You have to go online to get that. And that might be fine for the day to day, but when you are on vacation — a time when you might really need to check on your sun exposure — I think it might get annoying to keep checking your phone.  

Still, it's a pretty cool idea, and if it keeps you from getting sunburned, then it's well worth it.  

Check out this BBC report for a glimpse of the June bracelet in action:

Think it's worth the $99 price tag?

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